Are you considering abortion after finding out you’re pregnant? Though every woman is affected differently by abortion, there are some common physical risks to consider with both medical and surgical abortion.

If you are considering this pregnancy option, you deserve to know and understand these risks to your health.

You are not alone in your decision journey. We’re here to help you better understand your options so you can make an informed decision for your future.

Medical Abortion

A medical abortion is completed in the first trimester of pregnancy. It typically consists of two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol. 

First, mifepristone blocks progesterone, a hormone that sustains a pregnancy. Second, misoprostol causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy. The physical risks of medical abortion include:

  • Infection
  • Fever
  • Digestive system discomfort
  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding
  • Incomplete abortion
  • An ongoing pregnancy (if the procedure doesn’t work)

Seek immediate medical attention if you have heavy bleeding or experience a fever for more than 24 hours. 

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion includes medication, numerous surgical instruments, and medical techniques to terminate and remove a pregnancy. It’s a very invasive procedure. A surgical abortion comes with physical risks, including:

  • Infection
  • Damage to the cervix
  • Scar tissue on the uterine wall
  • Perforation of the uterus

Free Pregnancy Confirmation 

Before an abortion procedure, it’s vital to safeguard your health by knowing where your pregnancy stands. Begin your pregnancy decision journey by confirming your pregnancy with a no-cost pregnancy test at our center.

Follow up a positive pregnancy test with an ultrasound from your local medical provider. Ultrasound confirms essential pregnancy details like how far along you are and the pregnancy’s location to determine your pregnancy options.

We know you may feel confused or scared right now, but you have the final say when it comes to your pregnancy decision. No one should ever pressure you into a decision you don’t want to make.

Schedule an appointment to take another step towards clarity and talk confidentially about your unique situation today in a non-judgmental space.